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This Woman is Retarded August 18, 2009

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My apologies up front for this post.  As you may know I’m an avid skeptic, amateur magician, professional geek and general fighter of bad science everywhere in addition to finding mint tins in my spare moments.  From time to time that will come out in my writing.  It’s why I regularly read Phil Plait, James Randi, PZ Myers, Paul Offitt, Orac, Ben Goldacre and Richard Dawkins, and that’s just the top shelf stuff.  You should see what I pull out for a challenging read (the other side, mostly).

So again- bear with me as we go below the fold, unless stupid people scare you.  They just anger me… (more…)

Great Moments in History: Manpack GPS January 7, 2009

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When I reflect on the ~$400 it cost me for my GPSr a couple years ago, I find it helpful to take a peek back in time (to 1980) to put it all in perspective.  Try one of these on for size, the Manpack Global Positioning System Receiver.  At $45,000 and 17 lbs apiece I think Geocaching would have struggled to take off were it introduced in 1980.  My $400 doesn’t seem so steep in perspective and the fact that it has to lock one satellite at a time is another matter entirely.

Sheesh, and I complain when I can only “see” 7 or 8 satellites.