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My Hard Drive Crashed February 8, 2010

Posted by kinzuakid in Somebody Else's Stuff.
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Well, it’s not actually MY hard drive, but it’s one I am indirectly connected to.  This is one sent in for data recovery by a shop specializing in this sort of thing.  You know, we use those magnets for Geocaching.  Maybe they could send a few my way.  I think they have some spares.  Just saying.

I’ve been doing the data storage thing for nearly 20 years now so I have seen a few severe head crashes.  This one takes the cake.  By far this is the biggest and baddest.  Once you consider a single smoke particle is 3 times bigger than the distance those heads ride off the disk platters, something like this only means one thing…

Dead Drive

This is what a proper head crash looks like on the inside.

…total destruction.