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Don’t Do This! #1,325,988: “WTF Were You Thinking?!” January 30, 2010

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Epic Geocaching fail here.  I stumbled upon this thread in the forums regarding a highway hide in MO.  Then somebody helpfully posted a link to the cache in question, GC237WQ: The River #2.  Here we pause so you can get caught up on the story.

Finished yet?  Good!

Three things popped out at me reading this thread and the cache logs:

  1. The general Geocaching community (whatever that is) seems to have an extreme laissez faire attitude running through it.  The general sense of concern is more focused on the “busy bodies” and derision toward the “Cache Police”.  I realize there is a wide spectrum of danger involved with Geocache placement.  When I see a 4.5 or 5 star terrain listed I know intuitively there is danger afoot and to prepare myself vigorously.  A 1.5 terrain hide is supposed to be accessible to just about everyone.  The owner did take the time to mark it as “NOT Kid Friendly” in the attributes, though.  That’s a step, I suppose.
  2. The owner’s response and cache reviewing team’s involvement (i.e., time spent actually reviewing the location) were fairly poor from the start.  I give the reviewers credit for taking action when the cache was flagged but the owner’s log was priceless:”Found caches of this nature with less of a shoulder and much busier. Will move if necessary but messes up the point of “The River” caches. I have contacted the reviewer.”

    Well heaven forbid a little thing like safety, legality and just plain common sense get in the way of your really awesome idea for a hide in the MIDDLE OF A FREAKING HIGHWAY.  Sorry, done yelling.  Again (and again) we have seen guardrail hides.  That’s great, but it doesn’t make them right or allowed.  There are no precedents.

  3. The owners of this hide collectively sport about 160 finds between their two accounts.  I’m not suggesting 100 finds or even 60 is not enough experience to gauge what makes a “good hide” but these folks have been caching for 1 and 5 months, respectively.  The one month participant has 7 hides already.  This is not a new trend.

I like the idea of new players jumping right in and adding to the chaos but WTF were they thinking?  I am disappointed at the general public’s response but not surprised.  Collectively Geocachers have low expectations, borne perhaps from the cache spam we see proliferating.  Sadly, the solution is not something “the system” can provide.  We all like having more caches to hunt but have to police our own stomping grounds to make sure bad ideas find less and less purchase over time.

We are a bunch of individuals playing this game and playing with each other.  It is up to us as individuals to take ownership of these problems and discourage them from popping up in the first place.



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