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GC1YK0Y – San Luis Rey Puzzle December 29, 2009

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Once in a while I take a second look at a cache I liked.  In this case, I want to take a look at one I think you’ll all like.  It’s not huge or particularly friendly to trading but I think the owner could easily pull that off given the condition of GZ.  We all could hide more ammo cans, to be sure, but that’s not what’s important with this one.

GC1YK0Y – San Luis Rey Puzzle (Oceanside, CA- N33° 14.752 W117° 17.981) has the mechanics of a good Multi/Puzzle cache working and I am surprised more folks haven’t discovered it.  PumpkinPony should hide more like this.

The trip takes you down the San Luis Rey trail, over 8 miles of this nicely improved path.  On a bike this cache is a good head-clearer.  Just start at one end and see where the clues take you.  If some of the waypoints are gimmes they only serve to make for a better bike ride.  With the waypoints reasonably well spread out, eliminating a stop or two just means you have less GPS staring and more hiking/biking.

The important waypoints, however, are not optional.  The owner has made a point of situating them near permanent landmarks (a USGS weather monitoring station, for example) so the risk of losing this one over time is quite a bit lower.  The puzzle is reasonably straightforward and it can be done en route.  The point is to see the trail which is navigable by stroller for the most part.  There are only a few steeper sections but they’re manageable.  Along the way you get river, airport, ocean and mountain views.  What’s not to like?

My only regret with this one is the container size.  I’d love to see the owner drop a stocked ammo can 100 yards away and put those coordinates in the container with the log.  That way you could have it all.  Heck, there’s nothing stopping anyone else from helping out on that score but I don’t suppose that will happen.

I know the long-ish treks to find a small or micro aren’t exactly popular but for this one it’s all about the journey.  If you’re in the area for a bike/hike, give it a shot.



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GC1YK0Y – San Luis Rey Puzzle | Telephone Poles on the Moon

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