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Shout Out to Trick Shop Magic December 26, 2009

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If you’re one of the regular North County Cachers you already know I enjoy entertaining with a little close-up magic.  I call it preparation for my retirement career, post-geek.  It is hard to imagine a hobby more geeky than the crap I already do for a living but I guarantee you I have found it.

You can see me in blurry action, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uhq5ocUOMQY

or here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8iObbMqVa0

Both of these tricks were performed for the launch of the “52 Pick Up: Throwing Down the Deck” mass Geocache launch during the summer of 2008.  I did another 4 or 5, too for the kids and over 150 adults in attendance.  If you haven’t gone after this prize, there are 52 Geocaches hidden around North San Diego County, each named after a card and containing a clue to the location of The Joker.  13 of us teamed up to create this awesome puzzle, modeled after a similar bunch in Northern California.  The card tricks just seemed to fit the event.

More below the fold…

Right after those tricks I was approached by Lets Look Over Thayer, who as it turns out is a card carrying magician himself.  He came over sporting a magic tee-shirt and everything.  Then he proceeded to show me a new routine for The Invisible Deck trick, which while using the same basic approach to the trick adds a mind blowing dimension, particularly for larger groups.  LLOT, if you’re reading: I pulled that stunt at a business meeting in front of a Disney SVP (not knowing he was in the room), knocked their socks off, then proceeded to get an invitation to the Magic Castle by said SVP.

As the SVP said, after my own VP apologized for my distraction: “don’t apologize- that trick definitely did not suck!”  Magic is awesome.

Hence the reason for this post.  Magic is one heck of a tool.  I use some of the principles of camouflage, misdirection and distraction in my Geocache hides.  I was working on re-engineering “12 Days of Caching: 10 Wizards Whizzing” this morning, one with both the namesake and techniques of magic in play.  In the middle, my son reminded me it was time to go to the magic shop.  For that, there is only one destination:

Trick Shop Magic in Temecula, CA.

I must give these folks a little shout out because I have been shopping there for 3-4 years now and it really started out as a “by default” thing.  Some of my prestidigitatorial minded friends recommended magic shops in southern CA, down in San Diego and up in Anaheim.  As I called each one in turn I found they had all gone out of business or had turned into glorified county fair novelty gag dealers.  100 kinds of fake dog poop but not a single coin or card set to be found.  There was a 100-mile dead zone around my house where magic had no purchase.

15 phone calls in I got a lead from a guy about some place in Temecula; Trick Shop Magic.  When they answered I only had one question: “Are you a REAL magic shop or what?”.  The woman laughed and put on some dude named Chris, who explained that, yes, this wasn’t some mail order fake gum finger snapper shop.  “But hey, if you’re into that sort of thing, we have that, too!”

Well Chris turned out to be Chris Blankenship, the owner’s grandson.  He’s the house magician and a really nice guy.  They get all of my business and if you can’t go pay them a visit in person to see some amazing miracles in action, pay them a visit online at http://www.trickshopmagic.com.  They have done a nice job catering to magicians of all skill levels, keeping up with online shopping, hosting regular workshops (which I never attend because I am a loser with an on the road job) and generally treating everyone like gold.

While I’ve met Sam Blankenship the owner only once, Chris told me today Sam just recently got into Geocaching.  Look me up, Sam.  I love caching Temecula.  You can find my profile on Geocaching.com to the right.  Just click the Geocaching flag.  Maybe I can teach YOU a few tricks for a change!



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