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Geocache Placement Update March 28, 2009

Posted by kinzuakid in Cache Construction, Geocaching, Philosophy.

I finally figured out how to place a cache in somebody’s front yard safely and creatively.  I’ve also done my homework on a different missing cache in my “Don’t Do This!” series, the annoying mystery cache.

Oh man this is good stuff, since I have been percolating on these two for about 4 months.  The mystery cache was just waiting for me to actually complete some puzzle hides so I knew a little about what I spoke.  (I am notoriously bad at those hides)  I completed negotiations with the property owner yesterday on the front yard hide and you kids are going to dig what I have on offer.  I have one final call to make to work out the details (it could still fall through) but I am confident we’re just talking about some description details.

You probably think I’m worse than a nutcase for fixating on this, publishing it even, but it is a serious problem.  People shouldn’t put caches on private property; front yards in particular.  Now there are a bevy of exceptions to that rule but nobody ever seems to find the exception, they just break the rule and the discussion around this is legend.  Because the challenge is so great the chances of me pulling off a good hide have been slim to none.

This time, I have the property owner cooking it up with me and loving every minute of it.  It’s got safe and close parking, it’s not visible from the owner’s house, it clearly IS the front yard, the neighbors can’t see, container will be pretty decent sized, super kid friendly, if the owner sees you he will throw you hints…and so forth.  Brilliant.

Problem is, it will be a D-4/T-1.5, maybe even a D-4.5 with the wicked camouflage me and the owner have cooked up.

Sucks to be you.



1. lotrat - March 29, 2009

Geocaching in someone’s front yard is like hiking in the mall. I don’t do them.

GC1K3HX and GC125T6 are two that come to mind that I won’t bother with. I just keep going. I already look like a someone you would call the cops on. I don’t like the feeling I get when near homes caching, so I don’t them anymore.

kinzuakid - March 29, 2009

Well, that’s really the point. It’s just a Bad Idea(tm). I have, however, located a good place outside of prying eyes and an enthusiastic property owner. Said place has suitable parking and should be way outside the norm for your typical “front yard hide”.

I agree; front yard hides are 99% dumber than a bag of rocks.

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